EMPORYS is the supply chain for emergency management.

EMPORYS aims at digitising the emergency management cycle. For that, EMPORYS covers the full emergency cycle, which encompasses prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

The main goal of EMPORYS is to provide a fully fledged end to end solution for emergency management. By covering every stakeholder’s need, EMPORYS creates a central solution to enable decision making and real time situational awareness for every step of a disaster.



Our Impact

Environmental recovery.

Digitalization, sensors, 5G emergency vehicles.

Value chain and emergency cycle does not only apply to human life, but also includes critical infrastructure, telecommunications and industries with high environmental impact.

Assists in prevention and preparedness to maximize the efficiency of response in crisis environments. Full recovery and repair guaranteed.


Our Value

Nature and Biodiversity​

We provide the necessary federated data infrastructure to scale at any rate.

Infrastructure and Urban Planning

Recover infrastructures with lessons from the disasters, aim at improving and creating impact in the economy.


Coordinate every actor to create faster, more efficient response.

We bring people and technology together with innovative solutions

Founded in 2007 in Aveiro, Ubiwhere is a high-tech company focused on developing and researching cutting-edge technology, on conceiving smart and sustainable solutions for Smart Cities and Future Telecommunications.

We promote a more sustainable world with a higher quality of life for citizens, responding to the needs associated with the evolution of technology and networks of the future and strengthening urban services that promote better management of Mobility, Energy, Waste and Tourism in cities.

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